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Winterization & Safety Covers

When summer is over and you cover your swimming pool for the winter it is important that the cover you use is safe for both your family and pets, so why not install a pool cover that provides proper drainage and safety?

When it comes to standard mesh covers, the Merlin Industries Dura-Mesh II has the industry’s best combination of abrasion resistance, tear strength, burst strength, and sunlight shading. It is 68% stronger than other standard mesh and provides 95% shade to reduce growth of algae.

Swimming Pool Service & Maintenance

  • A typical solid vinyl pool cover is little more than a tarp to put over your pool. It does not prevent children or pets from gaining access to the pool.
  • All safety covers must conform to the Standard Performance Specification set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). According to the ASTM, a safety cover must be able to support a certain amount of weight, not permit gaps that a child or pet could squeeze through, and remove standing water. Merlin Industries’ safety pool covers far exceed minimum ASTM standards.
  • Built from extremely strong material and secured tightly to the pool by heavy-duty springs and anchors, a Merlin Industries safety cover puts a seal on a pool that will prevent children and pets from gaining access to the water. With this pool cover, you will receive not only top-rated safety features but also the peace of mind that comes with it.

There are many different sizes and styles of pools that can be covered by a Merlin Industries pool cover, these include but are not limited to:

Double Roman

The Lazy-L

Inground Pools
Custom Pools

The Merlin Industries pool covers are custom designed to fit your specific pool shape whether it is a traditional rectangular pool or a custom round pool with a vanishing edge waterfall. Along with Juliano’s Pools opening and closing service we can take care of your pool so you do not have to.

If you want to put the safest pool cover on your pool or have more questions about Merlin Industries Pool Covers, Contact us today at (803) 206-1412