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Pool Liner Replacement

Are you looking for a new pool liner in the Lexington area?

Pool liners help protect the floor and walls of a pool and prevent mold and other damage to the pool over the years. When you have an inground pool installed in your backyard, a liner will be placed inside and attached with water-resistant adhesives. Over a period of time, however, the liner is exposed to elements, like the sun’s UV rays, and can deteriorate even if the pool is well maintained.

Inground pool liner replacement requires the services of professionals. Juliano’s Pools, a leader in inground pool installation and maintenance, will replace your pool liner to ensure you get the full use out of your inground pool.

Juliano’s Pools offers Legacy and Merlin 27ml virgin replacement pool liners that come with a 20 year prorated warranty. We do not employ subcontractors, so you will receive quality and expert work from our employees. We will work with you from the start of the pool liner installation to the end.

Replace Your Pool Liner With Juliano’s Pools!

If you are looking to replace your vinyl pool liner, give Juliano’s Pools a call. Our professionals will replace your pool liner efficiently and in a timeline that will work with your schedule. Call us at (803) 206-1412 or visit us at our retail store located in Lexington, SC!

Inground Pool Liner Replacement Process

** Pure vinyl material – NO fillers used in manufacturing **