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You have to see for yourself what the Maytronics Dolphin DC Series Robotic Pool Cleaner is capable of!

Juliano’s Pools & Spas carries the latest in pool cleaning technology! Maytronics Dolphin DX Series Robotic Pool Cleaners, the Hayword 600 and 650 autovac, will leave your pool sparkling clean after every use.

Take a Look at all of the benefits that owning a Maytronics Pool Cleaner has to offer:

Full Pool Scanning:

To ensure thorough cleaning, your Dolphin cleaner is equipped with built in software that systematically cleans your entire pool regardless of your pool’s shape or surface.

Swivel Cables:

Dolphin’s patented swivel cables eliminate tangled cables forever! As your Dolphin moves around the pool, its swivel ensures that the cable stays free and clear, allowing for complete pool coverage.

Weekly Timer:

Preset cleaning cycles throughout the week with the push of a button! Your Dolphin can automatically clean every 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours for 3 consecutive cycles.

Full Bag Indicator:

Your Dolphin will let you know when it’s not operating at peak performance due to a clogged filter. When the full bag indicator light comes on, you know it’s time to clean the filter.

Wireless Remote:

For touch-guided navigation and cycle options.

Contact Juliano’s Pools at (803) 206-1412 for more information about robotic pool cleaners!