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Pool Openings & Closings

Sick and tired of the pains associated with opening or closing your pools? Let the experts do it for you! Juliano’s Pools offers yearly opening and closing of pools.

Preparing your pool for the winter prevents problems from occurring during the season from colder temperatures and snow storms. The water level will be lowered and a winter cover will be placed on top of your pool to secure it from the harsh winter weather. When warmer temperatures begin in the spring, we will come to your home and get your pool ready for months of use from pool parties and family gatherings. We will help you get a jump start on treating your water so it will change from a dreary color to crystal clear water that makes your pool much more inviting.

Included in this service, Juliano’s Pools will remove, fold, and put away the winter cover, introduce our own startup chemicals, install ladders/handrails, sweep any additional debris off of the pool patio, hook up pump/filter system and begin pool circulation (ensuring no leaks).

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to clean/vacuum any debris in the pool as well as to balance the chemistry of the water (i.e., pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Sanitizer level, etc.).

Have more questions on our services? Stop by one of our two locations, our staff will gladly assist you with all your questions. Juliano’s Pools is located in West Columbia, SC but services towns across Richland County, Fairfield County, and Lexington County.

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